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Attic Spaces

Spray foam insulation can be used in two common ways to insulate your residential attic space and protect your home from other weather and moisture related damages. The methods are for vented or non-vented attic spaces. Gaco spray foam insulation can also help save you money on energy bills.


Crawl Spaces

If the crawl space in your home is not fully sealed from your home, there is a strong likelihood that contaminated air, earth gases, mold, rodents, and more can penetrate your living space. Spray foam insulation installed between your floor joists is the only material that will create an effective barrier.


Closed vs Open Cell

When it comes time to actually put the foam product in your home or commercial building structure, you must identify whether you will use open cell foam, or closed cell spray foam. This decision can make a big difference in cost, application methods, and performance. What type of foam being used should be discussed with your spray foam installation professional before the job starts.